It’s A Date

A very blue

We got a porta-potty delivered to our curb. Right directly to our house. I didn’t even need to schedule it. It appeared. Shortly afterward we got a dumpster. Also, via magick.

This means that my new friends have taken over. We moved out. They moved in. My heavy lift in this remodeling project is done. The baton is passed to the carpenters and other tool wielding people tasked with bringing the paper plans to life.

We got a project calendar. It made me crazy happy. It’s online. I can see it on my laptop and on my phone. I pulled it out at a bar and showed it to a stranger. He was excited, too. He was likely drunk.

I scrolled through week after week as the tasks went from demolition, to roughing in electric and plumbing, to staging  appliances, to installing the new front door and interior trim. It was activity related to actual months, weeks and days like

July 20: Dig trenches for waterline


August 21: Install new windows & exterior doors

So exciting!!!

The shared google calendar, that calendar that evokes a dreamlike state, woke up the anticipation that was suffocated by the grind and squeeze of the move. I’m somewhere else now, both physically and mentally. And it’s good.

The dumpster has been filling up. Well, that’s not technically true. I think that we are on the third dumpster. Because this job is moving. Everything is getting realer and realer.

I’m flipping through the calendar and see that the kitchen cabinets are supposed to be in place by the end of September. And, now that we are in mid-July, that somehow seems close. I’ve been warned, though, that after the demo is complete, it looks like nothing is happening. It will be all framing and roughing in of electric and plumbing and ensuring that the floors are level and that the structure is supported. They’re putting in a steel beam. I’m trying to check my natural patience deficit in advance.

Even after the cabinets, there’s a bunch of other work, capped by painting and “punching.” If this goes to schedule–and everyone says that it won’t–we’re done by Veterans Day.

Ever the optimist, I can’t stop myself from wondering if I’ll be cooking a turkey in a new oven this year.

Follow along, Loyal Reader. I’ll keep you posted.

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