Making Fun of Yourself–If You Can

I really liked Kanye poking fun of himself–liked it really alot–on Saturday Night Live on Saturday.

I like Kanye anyway. When people talk about his oversized ego, I don’t think that they have sat through any of his CD’s. The man has alot of big feelings, is passionate about his art, and, he can really make a beat. In all of his big-head phoniness, he comes off to me as a real person.

Contrast that with another Chi-town transplant, Ms. Hil. Jon Stewart had a time with her, and her very squirrely laughing.

I know, as Kanye says, it’s the media that makes it bad–cutting and splicing. Heck she might not have really even been there.

But when Hil is being touted as perhaps the next Al Gore–I get the shivers.

“Like the former vice president, she often came across as a pontificator and an automaton — in contrast to the personable and humorous person she is known to be off-camera. And she seemed especially evasive when dealing with questions requiring human reflection instead of wonkery.” (Frank Rich, NYT)

Here is some important data points for all potential presidents:

  1. Remember that the wonky Al Gore LOST. Becoming real after the election is simply too late.
  2. Be more like Kanye. He makes mistakes, but for all his Louis Vuitton-isms, he seems more real than the whole lot put together. (Get that Barack?)