Too Much Coffee

I was washing the post-dinner dishes. It was unusual in that I did it after dinner, rather than in the morning. I know, I know. You all can’t stand dishes in the sink overnight. I can see your point, but I can’t stand to stand over the sink after getting dinner on the table.

The spouse is out of town. For like 2o days. So, for me it’s an exercise in single-parenting. It’s times like this when my respect for my friends and colleagues who do it alone runneth over.

[“What?” you child-free readers say. “Doc, your kids are big. So don’t be a whiner.” Yes, they are big, and have bigger responsibilities. More practices, more homework, and the commensurate amount of more yelling–oops, did say that?]

So after a gourmet meal out of the blue box punctuated by some darn good peas (flash frozen, not canned), I turned to the dishes. It shouldn’t surprise you that there were still dishes from breakfast.

My last task was to wash out the coffee pot. I was surprised to spill out a bunch of leftover coffee. Hunh. I made enough coffee for two this morning. But there was only me to drink it.