Go Blue!

Glad–and relieved–to see the Wolverines win their “bowl” game. I know, it may have been the generic brand cereal bowl, but it’s the first time since 2003 that we ended the season on a high note.

The [Wolverines] also carried [retiring Coach Lloyd Carr] to midfield. His players dropped him off and headed straight to the Michigan section for a raucous celebration –AP

Buh-bye, Lloyd. Oh, and Coach, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Next year, it’s Ohio State.

Vicious Animals vs. Seeds

What’s a buckeye?

According to Jon Stewart (who–as we know–is a legitimate news source),

  • A buckeye is a gay acorn.

Other ideas:

  • A stinky nut that comes off of the Aesculus glabra Willdenow tree
  • A fat blob with a football shaped head
  • Something wolverines eat for breakfast

“Wolverine?” you say. What’s that?

Well, the wolverine has been described as the fiercest creature on earth. Boo-yah!

Years ago, I started a new job and my new boss (a Vanderbilt grad, totally clueless about a Big-10 rivalry) expressed concern that the board president was an OSU grad who had indicated concern about my resume. Specifically my education.

BOARD PREZ: Well, you should know that more Michigan grads screw up at companies than OSU grads.

ME: Well, Dave, I guess they didn’t teach analytical thinking at your “school for dummies.” The thing is, there are more U-M grads in charge. d’oh! (Anyway, we have better helmets!)

So Dave, this is for you…