If I only had a brain…

…a heart, a home, the nerve.” Probably because I saw it at umpteen Thanksgivings while growing up–in the old days when we had to wait for the broadcasters to bestow our favorite movies–I guess I have overanalyzed the importance of the messages.

I flip flop on Dorothy all the time. How I admired her drive to see something different, experience new worlds. I left home, too. I didn’t know what I wanted, other than more and new. I really loved when it turns out that Dorothy has the power to do what she wants all along, but needs to learn to believe in herself. That was a comfort. But when Dorothy gets spun and realizes that she has everything at home and never will leave again, well, that leaves me cold. So, I turn to the Scarecrow.

One thought on “If I only had a brain…

  1. I have to agree with you Dr. Think that Dorothy was nuts to get in that ballon and try to make it back to that place she called home, especially given the alternative. However one important lesson that I think is often overlooked in the Wizard of Oz is how important new shoes can be to getting through things in life.


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