analogies : SAT

(A) picture tube : TV
(B) Red Dye #2 : Red Pop
(C) Democrats : White House
(D) ozone : atmosphere
(E) knuckle-rapping : Catholic Schools

This is a trick question, or maybe not. It’s either all of the above, and that’s not an available choice. Or choose any and you are correct (well, maybe not really D, and–perhaps–not forever C). For those of you who don’t get analogies, the relationship between the two terms are “is no longer a part of.”

I am sorry to see analogies excised from the SAT. And the addition of the essay. It seems to me –uninitiated in the predictive nature of standardized tests–that you can learn more about how somebody thinks based on the relationships that they see between concepts than the 2-3 minutes spent seeing if there is structure to an essay. Let’s evaluate the quality of the thinking by making SAT examinees write their own analogies and explain them. Naaaah, that would be hard.

You try it. Post your own analogy as a comment to the Doc.

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