All Knowing

Some people know what God wants.

Okay, I can have a hard time knowing what God wants, but I don’t doubt that some people know. That they know doesn’t mean that they really know, but who could know?

When I was little, I saw a movie about some kids who saw visions of Mary Mother of God at Fatima. I had a 36″ religious statute in my bedroom. We used to say it was Jesus, but actually it had to be a saint since it didn’t resemble Jesus. Anyway, for a month or so after seeing the movie, I would pray to the Jesus statue that no holy person would come see me. I’m like, “Please God, don’t send any of your spooky saints!”

So, maybe that’s why I don’t know, with absolute certainty (or any certainty for that matter), what God wants. I mean, I would bet that God would be against hatin’, and being mean or selfish. Probably a big two thumbs up for helping folks, especially those in need–sick, hungry, poor. But some folks who “know” seem to have different ideas.

I saw the best bumper sticker. It said W.W.J.B. Translation,”Who Would Jesus Bomb?” I think some people think that they know. I think that some of them are wrong.

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