Alex, I’d Like to Buy a CLUE!

Okay, why does John Kerry think that he represents the Democratic Party? Why does the Democratic Party feature him as a fundraising draw?

It’s morning in America, and Senator Kerry you LOST!!

I am not a political operative like Rove or Carville, but I can say that mostly Americans don’t like losers. Even though we try to hate the Yankees, we can’t. They are winners. We like winners.

So, when the phone rings and the guy on the other end says, “I’m from the DNC and John Kerry wants you to support a bill on education,” I say, “who cares??? The guy isn’t the president, and he doesn’t represent me. He LOST!” Poor guy on the phone was dumbstruck. I continued, “You want money?”

Guy on phone: Yes
Me: Why would I give another penny to the loser?
Guy on phone: Goodbye

Here’s my thing, let’s stop dragging out loser retreads and move toward real conversation and leadership. And let’s not make it anti-bush, how about pro-making America a better place?

4 thoughts on “Alex, I’d Like to Buy a CLUE!

  1. Of course being a republican is not wrong…and I know I’m marrying one, which is why Clay and I don’t talk about politics before the wedding. I guess it was the thought of you, in particular, becoming republican that was disturbing. Become more conservative, become a libertarian, but you are my liberal idol! I had not followed the link originally. No, I’m not happy with the direction the Democrat party has taken. Actually, that is inaccurate…there are too many directions and none at the same time. I agree, a party with a future is what I want as well. I just don’t see it happening in the next 3 years. Very sad.


  2. Slim, you give me something to think about here. I’m coming back the next day because I keep thinking about your statement. Me? A republican? But even if the cosmic forces could accomodate such a shift, I don’t think that it would be the ultimate sin. [Some of us even MARRY republicans–fairly conservative ones to boot.] But, I <>think<>, that maybe you didn’t get a chance to follow my link at the end to < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Oliphant’s column in the Globe<> on John Edwards. See also < HREF="" REL="nofollow">David Brooks most excellent piece from Sept. 22<>. I want a party with a future, not just a past.


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