It’s A Dessert Topping. No, it’s a Floor Wax

It’s a terror threat. No, it’s just terror babble.

It’s both!
If you live in New York and are one of the more than 4 million folks who use the subways, you saw a city taking terror talk very seriously with bag searches and undercover officers throughout the public transportation system.

If you are INSIDE the beltway, it’s just business as usual. Be careful, but don’t get all worried about the men actually arrested in Iraq in this terror plot.

It’s not like last year, when there were specific threats in the financial sector without mention of a time frame. We closed down sidewalks around the World Bank here in D.C., as well as protective services keeping people off the sidewalks in front of the Treasury Building. And let’s not forget the NYPD in riot gear on Wall Street.

So some people think that the guys arrested were just blowing smoke–that the threat is just not credible, but the Mayor of New York decided against taking a chance with the lives of his citizens. What would the President have said if this were an election year?

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