Nightmare on Friday the 13th Halloween Street

I admit I am a wimp. I hate scary movies. I even have issues with Abbott & Costello Meets Frakenstein.

Clearly movies full of suspense and mayhem–especially if the freak murderer can’t be killed–are popluar. Not for me, but it makes me wonder what others get out of this genre.

It seems trite to say that the thrill is catharsis. Like people leave the theatre and say, “God, I feel so much better that I didn’t get slashed into little bits by some psycho freak with a bunch of scars from when someone tried to kill him by various means including stabbing, burning, exploding, and ancient rites. I only know like one rite.”

I think that some people do like to be scared. They leave the theatre and say. “That was so cool.” Me, I leave the theatre and stop every third or fourth step to turn around and make sure I’m not being followed. Sometimes I even see something. I prefer NOT to be scared. For me, it’s too scary.

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