It’s Not My Fault I’m the Biggest and the Strongest

“I don’t even exercise,” said the colossal Fezzik. Manipulated by an “evil genius” to commit a crime, Fezzik maintains his sense of right and wrong. The evil genius doesn’t share this priority.

Let’s say you’re one of some frosh football coaches at a sports-power school. Let’s say that some of your star playas got report cards populated with “F”s. And let’s say that when a student is below a GPA threshold, school rules say they aren’t allowed to play. What is your obligation? To the undefeated record, or to the education of your charges? To hold off the probation so the kid can play, or to have him experience the tough consequence while still a freshman? What if that jeopardizes the undefeated record? What if he doesn’t make the grade and has to leave the school? Would it matter if you got what you needed from him? What about taking care of your giants?

When told to unethically take advantage of his strength, Fezzik noted “My way is not very sportsmanlike.”

Yeah. I hope they are all like Fezzik.

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