Bed Time Stories

What is a memoir? Is it supposed to be for real? Isn’t it always at least a bit made up? Don’t authors protect friends and families? Embellish a story? Exclude REALLY important details that might be embarrassing?

What about adding details that makes the author more interesting? A hotter girlfriend? Better in bed? Triumph over enemies? Scoring the winning point?

Is a story more interesting because it is true? Like the 911 Commission Report? Or the Illiad? Or Bob Woodward‘s beloved access with Bush 43? (Okay, I admit that I am still so THROUGH with him!)

Does it matter if the book is autobiographical? Or “based on” experiences of the author?

Is it okay for an author to punk his or her readers? Is it okay when it’s done on MTV to celebs for entertainment? Or on Candid Camera? What about The Princess BrideGoldman pretends to “find” a novel and provide “just the good parts” with the ultimate purpose of fleshing out a screenplay?

What about if there were no weapons of mass destruction? And, perhaps most importantly, how does pro wrestling fit into this conversation?

Tell the Doc what you think!

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