There is a Point

My loyal reader reminded me that my thinking on justice was derailed. I got stuck on thinking about the messenger and neglected the message.

I think that might have been the messenger’s point.

I need to do more thinking on his central idea–that eradicating extreme poverty is not charitable. It is justice. Charity is easy. We are a generous species. Charity makes us feel good. Justice is hard. It hits you right in the face in a not-so-feel good way.

Under a justice and human rights argument, we are required to look critically and systematically at all the feeders of poverty. A square look from my happy middle-class American view at the huge disparity between wealthy and poor. Luck of birth? Access to capitol? Debtor versus creditor nations? The business of health care? Human dignity and choices.

The idea is important. It requires a different approach to poverty. Bono spoke of our economic, public relations, and security interests to address development issues in Africa or Haiti. Or in the United States.

Thanks, reader, to get me back on track. I have more thinking to do on this. I have some doing to do, too.

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