Condi Cool

Who says Condi isn’t running for something? She is showing more of her hip, just a regular-kinda-gal side, every day.

CNN, FOX, Time and others reported that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was rooting for Taylor Hicks–a fellow homeboy from Birmingham, Ala. AND, it turns out that she is a big Cream fan. Not the kind you put on a diplomatic desert, but the Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, Sunshine of Your Love kind of Cream. Or at least that’s what she told Bono. Also among her favs is everyone’s top wedding song, Celebration by Kool and the Gang. Rounding out her list are pieces from Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, and Mussorgsky–selections that we would expect from Rice the classically trained pianist.

This begs the question, why has Condi gone all pop music on us? Why are we supposed to believe–as put out by the State Department–that she watches TV just like the rest of us shmoes? Why does she want us to like her? Are there strains of Hail to The Chief floating around her head?

When asked about his favorite American Idol, Defense Chief Donald Rumsfeld growled, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

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