Back from vay-cay. Did you know that you can leave Washington, D.C. behind? Really, you can. The blackberry doesn’t function well on the island. Really there is only one spot in the house that I can get even a single bar. And not consistently, either.

It did work wonderfully at the beach. But then who cares? Do you think the IT guys will notice the sand and the rust? Naaah!

And then we didn’t even have TV. I guess there was some issue regarding something in London, but we didn’t have CNN. Or MSNBC. Or even Katie Couric.

I did spend time with the local weekly. Learned about crazy real estate prices and the upcoming visit by a candidate for governor. Turns out the island doesn’t usually get statewide candidates. The candidate–they said he was the frontrunner–was going to appear at a place called, “The Chicken Box.” Oh, and all about High Tide.

Back in D.C. Having a tough time with the reality-check thing, though. Everyone always says D.C. isn’t the “real world.” I’m not so sure about that statement, though.

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