Lil’ T Needs to be KO’d

Frank DeFord of Sports Illustrated dogged Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens this week identifying him as “primarily narcissistic and the very opposite of funny…mean-spirited…vulgar and unforgivable.” Not a big endorsement of the man who is releasing the first of an upcoming series of children’s books.

Yes, that gentle giant, T.O. is helping kids to be better people. His first book, Little T Learns to Share, is about–now get this–sharing! I haven’t seen the book, due out in mid-November but it I bet it includes classic themes.

Like “You give me the ball, and I run with it. You share your stuff with me, and I’ll take it. You scratch my back, and I will yell if you stop. You pay more attention to me or I will take pills until I turn blue.” And, of course, “You do love me, don’t you?” Followed by, “I don’t care, anyway you ************”

This is a bit too ironic for me. But maybe, these books aren’t written BY Mr. Owens but FOR Mr. Owens. I hope he takes them to heart–but I am not buying his books (or his jersey) for the little brats in my life.

Tell the Doc what you think!

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