Know When to Hold ’em, Know When to Throw ’em

Know how to walk away, after your team has scored the runs.

“Whatever” is what I think about the brouhaha (or did I mean brew-haha?) about Tiger’s pitcher Kenny Rogers. Here’s the thing, after he washed his hand that had some kind of sticky–albeit not necessarily illegal–goop it was the first inning. He then, with perfectly clean hands, proceeded to pitch a 2 hit game. 41 years old and he pitched 8 innings in the frozen Motor City. And the Tigers’ WON. Oh, and it was game two of the World Series.

Makes me think about little pieces of dirt in my current “hometown.” Sometimes, it seems, that the dirt that is exposed is just dirt, and doesn’t make a bit of difference about whether someone is fit for public office. And sometimes the dirt is bad, and should be a disqualifier. Here, like with Kenny Rogers, it seems that in many cases there is honest (and in other cases sometimes some not-so-honest) disagreement.

Go Tigers! And whiners be quiet, Devil’s Night is coming up.

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