Shard Equations

NOT my ankle

A shard is something that is broken. And I have been beset by a few breaks that have interrupted my Thinkings.

First, my trusty I-Book conked out on me in mid-November.

Lack of equipment = lack of posting

I figured out that I needed to make an appointment to sidle up to the Mac Genius Bar to figure out how to get AC power to the laptop.*

A funny thing happened Sunday morning on the way to the Genius Bar. I was walking downstairs and missed the last step. I landed on the side of my foot, rather than the regular way. Ouch.

So, after 9 hours in the ER I had instructions to keep the cast dry, to come back on Wednesday for a consult for surgery, and to be careful with my handful of meds.

Broken IBook, the culprit!So,

no computer + much distraction with the bad ankle = no postings

We had a great Thanksgiving (I was off the pain meds and was delighted to partake of “the end of the mint Mojitos” that the Spouse served), and I had a successful surgery last Tuesday night.

But the 16-year old says that I’m beginning to have my own Giuliani-type mantra.

The 16-year-old: There’s Giuliani and he’s like “9-11, 9-11, 9-11, blah blah 9-11.”
Me: furrowed brow
The 16-year-old: And there’s like you, “Broken ankle, broken ankle, blah blah, broken ankle”

Doc Think is on hiatus until the I-book gets fixed. Remember

equipment + repaired shards = Thinkings

* For those who think that I didn’t do enough troubleshooting, the power supply (PS) appears to work, as the ring lights up when it’s plugged in. The IBook doesn’t recognize that it’s getting juice, either with or without the battery. The battery died–and power was gone–before I could do the keystroke to reset the power settings. I don’t know anyone with the same connection, so I needed to at least check another PS.

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