The Obama Relationship: Why Should We Talk About It?

This is a screamingly odd endorsement. While I can respect the authors’ expertise in family and marriage counseling, I hang my hopes and dreams on the promise of Obama’s policies and NOT on having a “storybook romance.” How silly.

A president can be a great president even if he has a strained family relationship–Lincoln, FDR. A person can be an exceptional leader even if s/he has a hard time with a spouse. And IT ISN”T IMPORTANT if John McCain curses at his wife or sees her as a brilliant partner. It simply doesn’t matter.

Nobody knows what goes on between Michele and Barack behind closed doors. Nobody knows if they have vicious fights or spend days not talking to each other. Nobody knows if she gets angry because he doesn’t know what Sasha’s homework is. Or because he blew off a social engagement with her family. And that they made up or that it simmers. DOESN”T matter.

Obama does not walk on water. He does not need to be a perfect specimen of a human being. He needs to be an effective leader of the U.S., a cool-headed man who can propel our country forward into this millennium full of challenges like energy, the environment, education and healthcare.

Good for Michele if he picks up his socks or he is sexually attracted to her–but it makes no difference to me.

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One thought on “The Obama Relationship: Why Should We Talk About It?

  1. Agreed. Couldn’t care less about any candidate’s marriage, except when he/she is a lying bleep, spouting off on “family values,” etc., when in fact he/she is a hypocritical jerk. THEN it’s all fair game. And of course I’m not referring to the Obamas here. Or the Clintons, for that matter. Just the other guys and gals. Who shall remain unnamed. But we all know who they are. 🙂


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