Thinking The New Year

glass easily half full

I was lucky to click through to a good post by Stowe Boyd on resolving to be the best you. It’s called “Nature or Nurture In Social Networking” [not a compelling title to me], but what makes it important to my thinkings it that it reminds me that we make our own heaven or hell. [Even though he says that we don’t.]

In doing a good job of synthesizing recent research on happiness in social networks, Boyd also points up a few resolution/techniques that can help us (read ME) do something to make ourselves happier. [See this is the irony in him saying that our happiness is not within our own control and then giving some steps that ARE in our control. Still, it works for me.]

  • Resolve to surround yourself with people who are actively involved with activities and behaviors you want to do more of.
  • Avoid people who are involved with activities and behaviors you want to do less of.
  • When in contact with people who want to emulate you, be aware that you have this sort of impact on them. —from Stowe Boyd

I was thinking, is depression contagious? I now recognize that I have spent the last two years living with and loving people with depression. Can this be having an effect on my own natural optimism?

Optimists think that they can fix it. Depression isn’t “fixable” in a traditional pull-yourself-out-of-it kind of way. And when you love somebody, it doesn’t do you any good to resolve to avoid them because their negativity is contagious.

On the other hand, could my optimism help my social network feel more optimistic? I choose to think so–especially since I have no intention of removing the nodes with depression from my network.

Glass definitely half-full. Game on!

4 thoughts on “Thinking The New Year

  1. This reminds me of the “smile and the world smiles with you” saying — was it from a song? don’t know. but surely there is something to it!🙂(that is a smile from me…)


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