Geography Tweet

I know it’s silly season. But, seriously. Can people be any more silly?

Folks are really going off on The Donald, saying he intimated that he didn’t know that Paris isn’t in Germany.


That is the silliest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Donald Trump totally knows that Paris is in France. Despite the froth that is happening around The Twitters.

I would have hoped that The Twitters would remember that you have 140 characters. It’s hard to be concise and clear. But, breaking down the tweet, he is talking about an incident in Paris and then conflating it with the New Year’s incidents in Cologne when organized gangs of men–identified by some as refugees–attacked and robbed women. Not that he thinks that Paris is in Germany. Ugh. Makes my head hurt.

I was on a Trump diet, but the trending made me take a look at the “issue.” And made me blow my Trump-diet. The read of this tweet as him not knowing this pretty basic geography is just goofy.

The “issue” with Trump is totally a false “gotcha.” Agree with him or disagree with him–and other candidates–as you like. But be smart and stop adding to a garbage pile.

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