Guided Style

big comma

I fancy myself a writer.

Obviously. I am doing this writing thing. Every. Stinking. Day. For. This. Entire. Year.

I write. I publicly put it out there. And, you, My Loyal Reader indulge me.

Wait. Damn.

Do I refer to you as “my Loyal Reader,” or as “My Loyal Reader?” Consistency counts!!

I need to check my style guide.


Oh crap.

Do I use the Oxford comma? Is email one word or is it e-mail? Have I settled on website? Dateline cities?

One certainty, I never, ever, ever allow a colon prior to any bulleted list. ESPECIALLY wrong on subheads.  That just pisses me off.

Should I go back through the past ten years of this madness and make sure I am consistent in what I call things?

Am I Doc Think? DocThink? Dr. Think? This is becoming existential.

Tell the Doc what you think!

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