Disproportionate Representation


Today is the first presidential primary of the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle. (I know that’s not really a proper noun, but SOMETHING should be proper this cycle. Something.)

Also, the Iowa election thing doesn’t count as a primary, because it’s a caucus. Whatever that is.

People in early primary states have an undue influence on the outcomes of our elections. Like New Hampshire. They have 0.4% of the U.S. population. (Data from here.) And they have about 95% of our news interest right now for their 48 or so delegates to the party conventions. It takes 1,237 delegates to win on the R-side and 2.383 on the D-Side. So these are drop in the bucket numbers.

In New Hampshire, they are so done with the attention. Some posted signs to keep away the “personal” attention.

“No solicitation! Political or otherwise. Please respect our privacy. We promise not to knock on your door. Thanks.” via NYTimes

Other facts about the little granitey state of New Hampshire? They have two Senators and two members of the House of Representatives.

So I live in a place where we have ZERO Senators and ZERO members of the House. That doesn’t stop people who we don’t get to vote for from telling us what to do. Nope. It’s worse to be left out.

Oh, and one last thing. Our Presidential primary date? Used to be in April. Got moved to June. You know, when everything has already been decided.

And then we have to physically LIVE with the winner. Insult to injury. #notaxationwithoutrepresentation

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