Wag More

Seriously, what’s with this car anxiety? Every single time we get in the car, the damn Dog barks like crazy. Like frothing at the mouth, I-don’t-want-to-kill-Old-Yeller-but-we-have-to-save-the-farm, mad.

People walking on the sidewalk point and stare as we drive by. I weakly smile and grimly wave. They feel much better when they realize he’s not yelling at them, that he’s just yelling.

We took the Dog and his Uncle Dog to the dog park. You can see from the above that half of them were insane. Please note that the barking goes on the entire time from leaving the house to parking the car. The. Entire. Time. Oh, except when we go over the train tracks. For an unknown reason, he stops as we span the bridge. Then back on it.

After a pleasant romp in the park, full of butt sniffing, polite humping and an occasional sharp reminder of manners accompanied by a snarl, we’re back in the car.

C-SPAN is rerunning the Sunday morning talk shows. Presidential contender Marco Rubio is on CNN. I’m trying to hear Senator Rubio’s remarks on hating less and listening more. I’m straining to hear. I’m turning up the volume.

Since I’m deafened by the barking, I decided to hate less and listen more. I’m not saying if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I’m talking about becoming one with the bark, transcending the noise and searching for a lesson.

I’ll get back to you on how that’s going. Woof!

One thought on “Wag More

  1. now my brain did not right work and which i study or some work do that it forget quickly. it becomes with my brain now


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