What Are the Limits?

It’s been said that this is a different presidential cycle. In addition to the way the politics are playing out, there’s a shift in what candidates talk about–and what is off limits. For example:

On Limits

  • The color orange of a candidate’s face, usually regarding fake tannng.
  • The hair-do of a candidate.┬áThis could include comb-overs, fright wig looks or hairbands.
  • The apparent sleepiness of a candidate.
  • The amount of “energy” a candidate emits.
  • How much a candidate spends on stuff for themselves and their families.
  • How often a candidate goes to church and how they worship their gods.
  • The weight of a candidate.
  • The wrinkles a candidate has.
  • What a candidate wears, especially if it’s a pantsuit.
  • How long a candidate takes to pee.
  • What a candidate remembers about something they did in high school.
  • A candidate’s “talent” as a politician.
  • The sexcapades of a candidate’s spouse.

Off Limits

What seems to be off-limits? Sadly, we seem to be avoiding substantive coverage in the media of policy differences.

I mean, really. C’mon.