The White Bronco

Must…not…comment…Must…hold…out…Must pay no attention to Michael Jackson trial/circus. Must….

I was watching some basketball event when the station cut to a camera following a white Bronco down some road in California. In pursuit were the police–and my rapt attention. I remain embarrassed that I watched that low speed chase for 45 minutes. My eyeballs and molded mind were joined by some 95 million Americans that night.

Try as one might, it is near impossible to avert eyes and brain from these very public, very ubiquitous happenings. It could be a young woman needing some space before her wedding or a very strange man on trial for abusing children. The young woman was doubly punished because she wasn’t dismembered–“off with her head” demanded America. How dare she grab our attention and then just be like us? Just a person who lied to her family.

On the other hand, all this is part of our collective consciousness. Pop culture references that we put in songs and movies so when we look back, we can say…uh, what would we say of any value?

Fight the Borg….

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