Hot Fu

Or would that be Todog? Either way, there is no sense to be made of it. The idea of tofu hotdogs is beyond rational thought.

Okay, let’s say that you love hotdogs and for some reason–it could be religious, political, health, pick one–you are unable to eat them. How does substituting tofu help? I like tofu. But that’s tofu as tofu, not as hot dog. There is absolutely nothing that tofu has in common with a big fat Nathan’s dog, or for that matter even the Hebrew National Reduced fat dog. No juicy, no flava, no mouth feel. Nothin’.

It’s not like subbing out a Ford Pinto for a Boxter (a sad substitution). But more like a pinto bean for a Boxter. Not related. (Well I guess tofu and hotdogs are both food so there is some relationship, but you get the idea.)

The only logical reason available might be that the person doesn’t really miss eating hotdogs, but wants to have mustard and ketchup and relish on a bun. Here is my idea then. Skip the tofu and have your condiment sandwich.

2 thoughts on “Hot Fu

  1. Well, don’t laugh, but when I was younger I used to have sour cream sandwiches. Just slathered on that sour cream on some good Long Island rye bread and it was yummy! Yummy I tell you!


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