Charcoal Cake

Here is what we learned this evening. First, the chocolate cake from the Giant gets dried out after a while. Some people are willing to eat it past perfection.

Second, after a few hot and humid days, there is a danger that the chocolate cake might be a bit moldy. Some people are willing to investigate it closely before deciding on a course of action.

Third, when somebody says to put the cake in the microwave to soften it up, it might be a good idea to request information on timing. Some people are very optimistic about the benefits of microwaving and think that if 2-3 seconds on “HIGH” is good, 30 seconds would be even better.

Fourth, there is something in the Giant chocolate cake slice that interacts with a microwave oven on “HIGH” for 30 seconds similar to a marshmallow being dropped into white hot coals. It smells the same. Some people thought that it might be salvageable, though.

Fifth, if your Dad takes a bite out of said chocolate cake that has been irradiated on “HIGH” for thirty seconds and caused more than a little smoke to emit from said microwave, and is blackened in the middle and hard as a biscotti, you might think about whether or not you want to share said experience. Some people are willing to take the risk. (This is especially interesting since the Dad was the one who suggested the microwave in the first place.)

Sixth, if somebody gives you bad advice once, they may give you bad advice a second time.

Last, you should always have a back-up dessert.

One thought on “Charcoal Cake

  1. I’ve had close up expierence with this by almost having the smoke alarm go off “cough” I thought the smoke was nasty belive me the taste was worst for two resons one it was sugar burnt and two I had just brushed my teeth. So all those people who read this please do not attempt for saftey reasons.


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