10 vs. 28 Days

That’s a big difference–between 10 and 28. For starters, the difference is 18. To put that into perspective 10 is almost one-third of 28. In the other direction, 28 is THREE TIMES greater than 10.

Why the obsession? Well, I used to have 28 days of leave, then I went to work for our United States. Even though I have been in the professional world for a long time, and even though I entered duty in a senior position, I still get 10 days of annual leave. I think that public service is important–and I am very proud of my role in serving. And yes, call me a whiner, but how can our United States expect to attract talented people to public service if there is this bizarre sense of fairness–i.e., all new people start at the bottom of the leave pile. I tell my kids all the time that fair does not mean exactly the same.

Does Karl Rove get 10 days as deputy chief of staff?

I need a vacation.

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