The Bush Twins Want U Back

So what’s wrong with playing with your food? Bowling for Soup makes me suspend my prohibition on food fights for at least 3 minutes with their new single that starts off in Cleveland–with kudos for Drew Carey and the R&R Hall of Fame–and wishes someone back to Texas with the encouragement of Troy Aikmen, NASA, and the Bush twins.

I like a funny song–and if it has a good beat and a good hook you can sign me up. Laughing, foot-tapping, and singing are all evidence of successful pop. The first time we heard this one was in the rental car, driving back to the airport. Oddly, we were sucked in from the first power cord and ended up singing along about how “Mexican food sucks north of here anyway.” I am serious, we sang along on the first listen. The trick will be to not get sick of it.

Pop music can be like any kind of junk food. You eat too much of it, and it makes you sick. And, yet, it’s hard to control yourself. When I was a young’n, I snuck into the unattended ice cream tent at my dad’s union picnic. I ate about twenty ga-zillion, million, za-billion ice cream bars. You know, the one’s with vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate candy coating. Well, I had a stomach ache. The good news, though, is that it didn’t kill my taste for ice cream bars. So even if I get sick of the Ohio (Come Back to Texas) song, in future summers it will still be fun.

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