Thinkers’ Bloc

Thinking is something that I always do. That’s not to say that I am especially GOOD at it. I just do it.

Maybe thinking for me is the same as analyzing. I pull different things together, make random relationships, and try to figure something out or apply a new “truth” that I made up. Again, just because I do this, doesn’t mean I claim any great acumen. I just do it. And, I enjoy it.

So, imagine a few weeks when I just couldn’t think. Now this might have happened to me before without my notice, but since I have been blogging about my thinkings (alright, YOU can call it “musings” if you want, but I will stick to “thinkings”) I noticed that I was out of gas. No fuel. No thinking. This makes me think, “Why?”

[Now clearly, this is a good sign for me. I am thinking again. “Why?” is clearly a sign of thinking.]

Anyway, why was I out of think-juice? What happened to my thinking mojo? I have been thinking about this and I think that maybe I didn’t have enough room to think. Kind of like when your computer has too many programs open and can’t redraw your wordprocessing screen: “Dangerously low on system resources.” I had a bunch of anxiety, guilt, anger, and sadness filling up brain space required for thinking. As some of these issues were clearing, I rebooted myself while at the beach.

The Doc is Back!

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