Saw Bono last night. He wasn’t singing, but talking to a group of wonks and fans about justice and our obligations. There was a bunch of stuff to think about–yet, I found myself thinking a single thought this morning.

Bono was speaking from handwritten notes and lost his place during a riff on potatoes and had to recover and everyone felt closer to him when that happened.

I thought about that and then I thought, this guy is a major rock star. He does these HUGE shows with pyro-technics, new medleys of big hits, choirs, orchestras, new arrangements. Like he doesn’t rehearse?

Cynicism doesn’t kill the message–of which there is much remaining to think about. But cynicism sure can derail the thinkings about the real important thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Rev-A-Lay-Shun

  1. Are you thinking that Bono rehearsed his mistake? That he fumbled on purpose? Be careful Doc, your cynicism will kill your spirit…


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