Getting past my Rev-A-Lay-Shun, my thoughts zigged to Dr. King. Taylor Branch was in D.C. last week hawking the third volume of his most excellent biography of Dr. King.

The biggest impression that I took away from the first volume, Parting the Waters–and be assured that in the 1K pages there was alot of impressions–was that Martin Luther King wasn’t a superhero. He just did super-heroic stuff. Despite the fact that he didn’t walk on water. Despite the fact that he was a sinner. Despite his doubts-even about his faith. Despite the fact that he wasn’t always the best father, husband, pastor, confidant, leader.

None of this diminished Dr. King in my thinking. It made me think that even an extremely human (read full of faults) like myself can do great things. Dr. King, despite being a man, did.

So Bono, no flies for the theatrics.

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