Office Supplies

We had to go to the office supply store for a display board for the upcoming Science Fair [sample]. I walked out $71.36 poorer.

How does this happen?

I will tell you. Sharpies. Plain and simple, Sharpies. We walked by the display and there, on the display wall, to the right of the highlighters and to the left of lesser pens were,

The Sharpies. [click here for their techno-inspired interactive demo.]

Drawn like a moth to the flame, we zeroed in on the 8 pack of –hold on, are you sitting down?– NEW RETRACTABLE SHARPIEs. Two shades of red, green, and blue. One black and one orange. And RETRACTABLE. The 14-year-old checked and they were indeed permanent markers with a safety to prevent premature dry-out.

Into the cart with the NEW RETRACTABLE SHARPIEs, and to the checkout $14 poorer.

Dinner conversation was everyone vying for their preferred color.

The 11-year-old: “Can I have 2? The light green and fun blue?”

The 14-year-old: “Hey, I wanted the light blue!”

Me: “They are all mine!”

The Spouse: “Those are retractable. They are going to dry out.”

Chorus of Believers: “Nu-unh. See the safety?”

Are we sick, or what?

One thought on “Office Supplies

  1. I find when going through Staples or office max I suddenly find all these items I never knew I needed before. No longer will a simple calendar be enough to write down my engagements, but now need a leather bound organizer with replaceable pages. Sigh. I reallly do fall for the pretty pictures on display….


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