VaRoom D.C.

Nice weather brings everyone out, and Chinatown was buzzing last night. 7th Street sidewalks were full of coat-free strollers crowding restaurants and bars. [BTW, the MCI Center has been rechristened Verizon Center. You can see that at]

Walking toward the Spy Museum on the way from the movies* the 11-year-old spotted a hot red car.

HIM: Isn’t that a Ferrari?
BRO: I see the horse.
ME: [to valet] Can I park it?
VALET: Ha, Ha!

After our hamburger dinner, we were walking back toward our car.

14-year old: What’s that?
ME: I dunno. The new Chrysler?
HIM: What are those “B”s on the wheels.
ME: Bentley.
VALET: You like?

A block later also on the street.

14-year old: More “B’s”. Whose car is this?
ME: Somebody you don’t know.

All that within 3 blocks. Then we drove away.

* Dave Chappelle’s Block Party fun, fun, fun.

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