Science Un-Fair

Let it be known and acknowledged that I have an opinion on most anything. So when I go to the eye doctor and he says “Which is better, this one or this one,” I must force myself to say “Same.”

So when it comes to Science Fair, I bite my big ole’ tongue for the duration. It’s supposed to be the work of the student, but the student keeps asking for MY OPINION.

HIM: Which of these to you like better.
ME: (knowing that I need to SHUT UP) Which one do YOU like?
HIM: Well, I prefer this one.
ME: Sounds great.
HIM: But which one to YOU like?
ME: I think that they are both good.
HIM: But which would you pick?
ME: I can see advantages and disadvantages with each. I think you made a good decision.
HIM: What do you like about this one?
ME: [offers some detail]
HIM: What about this one?
ME: [More mumbles about detail, but really like the one that he didn’t chose better]
HIM: So, which one do you think I should use?
ME: You pick.
HIM: So, you don’t care?
ME: Of course I care.
HIM: Well…
ME: Okay, I like the other one better but I think you made a good choice. And you should put it right over here on your tri-board, underneath this other thing, and then you might want to think about how you described your data…..

I suck.

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