One Thousand, Five Hundred and Seven.


1,507–that’s the number of text messages for the 14-year-old last month.

If he distributed them by one message a day, he could cover 4 years, 1 month, and 17 days.

This averages to about 60 messages a day. But, he said that some days it’s alot more than 60. I guess that means that some days he had less than 60.

Translates to $147 in overages since he only has 100 messages in his plan. Ouch!

The solution, according to said 14-year-old, is for me to buy him unlimited text messages. The other solution, according to the parent, is to tell Sprint to cut off SMS service.

He said that he would pay for the messages. I said that since he didn’t have a job, it is my money going from my hand to his hand and then back to my hand. He didn’t see a reasonable alternative.

Who says I have to be reasonable?

2 thoughts on “1,507

  1. I strongly disagree with the dictator. They controls all forms of media, no freedom of the press. They allows no arguing with her, no freedom of speach. Need I go on? Our household is a little island of Lenin or Mao Communism. blah


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