Friends Like These

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then what is the friend of my enemy? What if the friend of my enemy is my friend, too?

Would that be Pootie-Poot?

Going into Iraq with little international support now appears to have spawned international support for our “enemy” in Iraq. More unintended consequences.

While we were bashing the French (freedom fries anyone?) and the Germans (remember “Old Europe?”), the President views into the soul of Vladimir Putin showed him a man he could trust. But the Russians had their own interests in Iraq, including oil.

A prior President, President George 1, may have warned President George 43 that this was a dangerous, and maybe even naive, way to do business. President Washington cautioned that nations, including our allies, will always act in their own interests–no matter the “friendship.” This warning is not simply about isolationism, but a realistic assessment of the engine of international relations.

It’s said that #43 is a man driven by his “gut.” That’s okay for starters, but looking into the eyes of a man does not show what his brain will do. And it’s no way to run a foreign policy.

So is the friend of my enemy my enemy? Wait, it’s beginning to sound like high school.

One thought on “Friends Like These

  1. Clay doesn’t let me text message anymore…have to actually talk to people while watching my reality shows now…sigh.


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