5 – 7 – 5

April is National Poetry Month. The 11-year-old is working on Haiku.

His first flip attempt

I love lobster claws
In them I cannot find flaws
They chop like big saws

I told him haiku wasn’t a rhyming verse. Somehow poetry and rhyming are the same for some. Then

Honey-nut Bunches
Taste good when you crunch them hard
It’s breakfast de-lite

Haiku was always my favorite. The simplicity of three lines; the first with five syllables, the second with seven syllables, and the last with five syllables have provided me (and some comrades) with hours of pleasure. My favorites always ended in questions.

A rainy spring day
Oatmeal with dates and apples
Catholic or crunk?

Try it, it’s fun.

*unresolved controversy, just how many syllables are in Catholic? “Kath-lic” or “Cath-o-lic”? Everyone says three but me. I went with the majority (and it worked for my poem).

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