The yungins had independently been learning about ancient Greece and Rome and the idea of polis. And then I would say, “like Indiana-polis. The city in Indiana in which your aunt and uncle and cousins reside.” (Actually they live in suburban Indianapolis, but that’s quibbling.)

Now I don’t think it is a “city” anymore.

They were flying back home after spring break in Florida. They were connecting in Newark for a 4 p.m. flight back to Indiana. They were delayed in the air for I forget what and missed their connection by 2 minutes. They were at the gate as the plane pulled away. [conspiratorial aside: why didn’t they hold the frickin’ plane? Did those seats go to some mob bosses on their way to nowhere?]

Here is the really crazy part. They missed a 4 p.m. flight and were told that they would not be able to get them back to Indianapolis for–get this–TWO DAYS. Not that evening. Not in the morning, but TWO DAYS. This is from Newark. I am stuck just not believing this, except it is true. There were five of them, but they couldn’t even get them out if they split up. Where were they flying? How out of the way?

Where the heck is Indianapolis if you can’t get there? No offense relatives in Indian-no-place. Geesh, makes me think that I am glad I don’t live there.

Epilogue: They flew into Dayton, OH and drove home.

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