Time Free Zone

The 11-year old: Can I please play RTC on the computer?
Me: No.
Him: Would it help if I said please?
Me: (lying) No.
Him: Please?
Me: Well I don’t want you in front of that computer all night. You can play until 6:15.
Him: Great!
Me: Now you need to be able to tell time. To time yourself. I don’t want to have to come in there at like, seven and tell you to get off. Understand?
Him: No problem.
Me: (at 7 p.m.) Get off!

Happens every time. Like clockwork. Well at least something has to do with time.

4 thoughts on “Time Free Zone

  1. Alas, you, have once again missed the point. What is, indeed!, blasphemous about the post on the disproportionate response. I am the bad-guy on this one–while you are classically teen-like. D’oh.


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