Disproportionate Response

The 14-year-old was off to football camp this week. Overnight camp. At a college. Sleeping in a dorm. Eating in the cafeteria. Being cool.

The 14-year-old was being fickle, however, in choosing his camp dates. So we had to do last minute walk-up registration. And do you know what you miss at walk-up registration? Well, in addition to $30 (late fee!), you also end up missing the pre-registration packet.

In the pre-registration packet, you not only get the schedule (and NO, I did NOT know that camp broke mid-day on Wednesday causing a work-logistics thing), but you also get the list of what to bring. Like sheets and a towel.

Oops! Didn’t realize that we needed to have something on the plastic mattress item in the triple room that was the size of a good-sized master bedroom closet in Potomac, Md. And no A/C. So sleeping on the mattress would be like sleeping on a garbage bag after you have worked out. Don’t forget about the 150% humidity. I told the 14-year-old that I would go home and get some sheets, and he should pick them up at the desk later.

Four days later, he is checking out with the other parent. Turns out he never got the sheets, pillow, towel, and soap that I had left for him. I was so pissed. I had spent almost my entire Sunday checking him in to camp and then another round trip with the linens. Grrrrrr! How dare he not listen when I was hooking him up. HOW DARE HE!

In the meantime, we had torrential rains in the D.C., area. And while the 12 inches of rain came slamming into the roof of the old house, the roof leaked. And then part of the ceiling upstairs came down. And, I wasn’t mad. Just picked up the sponge-ey soaked wall board and threw it in a big, black construction trash bag and dragged it out to the curb. Indeed, I was feeling lucky because the next morning was trash day.

But damn that 14-year old for not sleeping more comfortably on the sheets I brought.

I am a bad parent.

2 thoughts on “Disproportionate Response

  1. Doesn’t that make you a better parent? More concerned for your son’s welfare than a material thing. See, you’re a good person!


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