Rock and Roll Dead–Really

The actual demise of “rock n roll” can be evidenced by one single event this week.

The Grammy Nominations.

Okay, you say. The Grammys [suck, are dumb or old, don’t represent, whatever]. How could they identify any trend???

Well, they do. For example, the ridiculous increase in the number of categories (duo or group vs. duo or group who don’t usually sing/rap together and in fact don’t really sing/rap together but just get mashed up in production. This is really important when one of them is already DEAD] says something about what folks are listening to.

Anyway, speaking of dead, the Rock Singer Category nominees include 2 singers from the 60’s, one from the 70’s, and one nominee is singing a song from the 40’s. And there aren’t any chicks doing rock-n-roll. I guess this shows there ain’t nothing new in rock-n-roll. (Sorry Beck!)

Go Mary J.

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