Paint Department

The 15-year-old was in the kitchen, and we were putting away the groceries. Okay, I was putting away the groceries and he was talking.

Him: Today at school we were like we were the Home Depot paint department.
Me: Hunh?
Him: Well we were at our table at lunch and we realized that we were all lined up by color. The lightest to the darkest.

Me: [still confused]
Him: Well, Jay was out of order. So, we said that he needed to be restocked. And put in the right place.

Me: Oh. Well, where were you?
Him: It’s like a color circle. From the lightest to the darkest but all not in a line but in a circle, from me to Avery.

What is wrong with other folk? It’s a circle, dammit. Everyone is connected.

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