Parsing Words

Here’s what got to me today.

Scolinos (Communications Director for Justice) also said there is no evidence that meeting participants reviewed a draft memo on the firing plan…….According to Scolinos and her deputy, Brian Roehrkasse, there is also no evidence that individual U.S. attorneys were discussed at the meeting. (Wash Post, 3/24/07)

There is no evidence that has been produced by the source under investigation–AKA the Department of Justice. Are they saying that there are no written records from that meeting? People at the meeting don’t know what they said? There is evidence, but it has not been forthcoming.

Enter the White House, unwilling to provide testimony, under oath, with a transcript which provides a record of “evidence.” Just have a little discussion in a room, off the record, no note-taking to clear up any misunderstanding.

Here is where we are. (1) There is no evidence, and (2) The Administration is not willing to provide evidence.

Doesn’t seem right to me.

This administration, as previous and future administrations, needs to be accountable for its decisions. Between “no evidence” and people not being able to recall what went on at a meeting, who knows? Who knows how decisions are made in our government?

Doesn’t seem right to me.

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