So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Oh, what a long, strange trip it’s been. Finally, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (gonzo), has resigned.

He was called “dead man walking,” and his imminent resignation has been foreshadowed and predicted for months–frequent reports of his demise rivaled those of Mark Twain and Paul McCartney.

And now, another of the most divisive characters from the Administration is packing his bags, and leaving D.C. I have been looking for him to get the message since March.

He might be a good man–the Prez thinks so–but he sure was a lousy attorney general. Beleaguered or embattled, he was the lightening rod that replaced Rumsfeld and then Rove. Unknown is who will be the next whipping boy for this group. They have another 18-months, and it seems prudent to have a target rod in place. To protect the Executive.

Not to be mean, Mr. Gonzales, but, “buh-bye!”

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