And ANOTHER Thing, Fredo

Really goofy picture of Gonzales looking like a Campbell Soup kid.I don’t know why I can’t let go of Alberto, but here I go again.

Who the hash-browns does Alberto Gonzales think he is?

I often remind our fellow citizens that we live in the greatest country in the world and that I have lived the American dream. Even my worst days as attorney general have been better than my father’s best days.From resignation statement of Alberto Gonzales

I don’t know, but I bet his dad had some pretty damn good days. He was a construction worker, husband and father of eight. Maybe he had a great day when he married Alberto’s mom. Or when the kids’ were born.

Or maybe, he had a pretty good day when his son went to the Air Force Academy or was accepted to Harvard Law School, especially since Alberto was the first of his kids to go to college. He didn’t live to see his son work in the White House or serve as Attorney General, so we can’t count those.

Maybe the elder Mr. Gonzales once had a great day playing with his kids or was extremely satisfied with a day’s worth of bricklaying. Or making a mortgage payment or putting money down on a winning horse. I don’t know about the man. But I have a really hard time believing that Alberto’s worst days were better than his father’s best. Like Fredo didn’t know that he had a bad day?

Like I said, I don’t know, Mr. Gonzales, and his, perhaps. challenging relationship with his dad. But it seems to me–and I might be wrong–that he might be stretching out the difficulties of his dad’s life or the best of his own worst.

Okay, done with Gonzales.

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